About us

A little about us

A little about us

Merode Interieur creates designs in which you feel ‘at home’. Colours, materials, finishes… The choice is endless, with over 100 manufacturers in our range, we can realise every interior dream. But don’t stress about having too many choices; we will ensure you find your way through.

Big name, strong team

Merode is a strong name in interior design with a tradition that goes back over 40 years. Today, we have a great team which includes a dozen or so passionate specialists: designers, advisers, installers, painters… under the enthusiastic leadership of Harald Rogiers and Cindy Gerets.

Help with inspiration

This happens to be our core business. Providing inspiration in our showroom and help and support via our advisers. We then visit you at home to firm up your wishes and preferences; we aim to be crystal clear about what you want and what will suit you. On this basis, we then create a design. So you are able to make choices based on your convictions.

Own studio

Merode Interieur can largely put its great reputation down to having its own studio. Upholstering furniture is making a comeback. This skill is now being applied to window decorations: curtains and pelmets with various pleating structures, room-height and lined (with swanskin) or small and delicate, special draping, American or regular blinds… We can also use our studio for bedspreads, table linens and cushions.

Trendy or classic?

We work in all styles whether they are timeless, trendy or classic. Our people take part in the most important trade fairs each year and bring the latest colours, fabrics and rugs to Lanaken. Merode Interieur works with its own interior designers, all of whom have more than earned their stripes. You can come to us for a single item or a complete redesign.

B2B too

Our customers come from a radius of approximately 100 kilometres around Lanaken and mainly from Flanders and the Netherlands. Merode Interieur principally works for private clients but spends around 20% of the time working in the B2B sector, on tasks such as designs for offices, the hospitality industry, school buildings and care homes.

Why not drop by?

Our showroom is located in the historic Kasteelhoeve Pietersheim. An exceptional location with a rich history. Some of this space has been thrown open to the public, right to the rafters. This reflects how we work too: with an open mind and an attentive ear.